12V10CM Color Changing 32.8 FT 100 LED ChristmasPixel String Lights

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100LEDs Bare Wire: Technology upgrade. LED lights that can be programmed to work with different controllers. Many light strings on the market only change in monochrome. This product can achieve the chasing color effects. Every LED can be different color. Individually addressable. There are countless kinds of effects, the type of effect depends on which controller you use.

High Quality: This 32.8ft/10m fairy lights with premium quality. Fairy lights can be cut off, LED string light still working after it is cut. Different lengths can be connected in series for different needs ,like rainbow,fire,chasing color etc.

IP68 Waterproof Copper Wire: The PVC rubber cord light is sealed completely whose waterproof rating is IP68.Easy to Shape: The outdoor string light can be easily bent and molded in potted plant, bed, display case, wall, ceiling, window, Christmas tree and many other places. Becoming a designer in your life is something to look forward to!

Can be programmed to work with different controllers.
Dream Color: curtain-up/ flow water/raindrop/jump flash and so on hundreds of lighting effects, you can also edit animation effects by Coreldraw/Flash/LedEdit.


Support : DC12V
LED Chip:WS2811(Individually addressable)
Output Power: At 100% white is approx 20mA per pixel
Wire Gauge: 7 strands of copper wire in each leather wire, each copper wire is 12 dmm, 3 leather wires is 3.5MM
Cuttable: Cut the length you need .
Plug and controller need to be purchased separately.

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12V10CM Color Changing 32.8 FT 100 LED ChristmasPixel String Lights
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