Halloween Lighting Decorating Ideas


We wish there was a day where ordinary people dress like un-ordinary fictional characters and end up with free candy– oh wait, there is! It’s called Halloween and it is upon us. While others are off acquiring a surplus of pumpkin spice flavored delicacies, this autumn season we find ourselves overjoyed to be plotting lighting decorations. Whether you find yourself tricking or treating, GFLAI.com is here to help make lighting your home for Halloween less frightening.


Halloween Home Lighting Decorations

Looking to add some suspense to your décor? What better way than to show off a few lighting tricks? Lighting, or the lack of lighting, plays a large part in today’s suspense and thriller movies. Take what you’ve seen on the big screen and implement it on your home, without the super-scary villain of course. Create a dramatic feel by adding a remote controlled color changing RGB light at the base of a tree or side of your home and point it upwards. This lighting technique is called wall grazing and is used to accentuate textured surfaces, creating shadows. Along with a variety of colors, you have the option of cycling through effects like flash, fade, and strobe, or even turning the light off when an unsuspecting trick-or-treater arrives.


DIY Halloween Decorations

Doing Halloween on a budget? No problem! We’ve compiled a few cost-effective DIYs that won’t scare your wallet, but are sure to delight any costumed visitors. With a few household items you can add some cool white, purple, or orange LED light stringers to a wire cage to create a Halloween Ghost yard decoration and “haunt” the front yard.

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