GFLAI Remote Controller for LED Bracelets/Sticks/Beach Ball (1 Pack)

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Product Name: GFC004 Handheld Controller

Size: 12.5(4.9″)*8(3.1″)*2.2(0.9″)CM

Battery: 3.7V/3000mAH Lithium Battery

Working Distance: 200-300 Meters

Control QTY: All can be controlled as long as they are within working distance.(10000+)

Working Frequency: 433.92MHz

Accessories: Controller Box,6V1A Charger, Antenna.

The handheld controller can be used to connect to remote control our all RF products. Under the control of the handheld remote control, the remote-controlled Led products has a total of 7 color changes and 5 flashing modes. This allows the user to wirelessly control the LED RF products and change the color and blinking pattern of the lighted bracelet.


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GFLAI Remote Controller for LED Bracelets/Sticks/Beach Ball (1 Pack)
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