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R&D – at the heart of our strategy

At CFLAI, research and development is an integral part of our innovation strategy. This is what gives the company such excellent levels of competitivity on the market, through the way in which our R&D office visualises, designs, tests and approves a creative range of LED string lights, with each meeting specific requirements. We obtained countless patents in China, the US, Europe.

Thanks to our internal engineering department and our close collaboration with our marketing office, our R&D department is capable of meeting market needs and expectations. Taking client feedback, current trends, changes to standards and the results of our scientific monitoring into account is what we focus on every day. GFLAI products are both functional and complex, meaning that steps involving tests and certifications over the course of several months can be necessary prior to a new product being launched on the market.

Our R&D department is also focused on constantly improving the quality of our covers. Looking long-term, the aim is to devise solutions that are 100% meet our customers' needs, which will bring success to their business. The more ambitious the project, the more we are able to push ourselves.

R&D working for our clients

There is a range of options available with GFLAI products, just waiting to become reality. Solutions that haven’t been imagined, conceived or used yet…your projects and your demands are what will force the company to delve deeper into each concept and each improvement. At GFLAI, we’re only interested in one thing: making your projects a reality, no matter how ambitious they might be.

Our design office and R&D department will work to assess and determine your specific needs and the feasibility of your projects. Working closely with you, they oversee the development of the ideal product, manage the progress of the project and ensure resources are being properly distributed. Effectively dividing up our tasks is what enables us to make our projects a reality. Whether it’s specific lighting colours, innovative lighting modes/functions, or new designs (shapes, structures, etc.), nothing is impossible.

With an integrated R&D department, at GFLAI, we’re putting our faith in innovation and development. Our skilled and innovative departments are what make GFLAI able to tackle any project, no matter the size.

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