16 Colors RGB 10M/12M/15M LED Trampoline Lights, Remote Control Trampoline Rim LED Light

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Product Name: LED Trampoline Lights

Size: 10M 100 Lights

Material: PVC Tube + Copper Wire

Battery: 3*AA Batteries (Not Included)

LED Color: RGB

Package: 1 Roll Trampoline Light, 1 Lead Cable, 1 Waterproof Battery Case, 1 32-key Controller, 50 Strips

Spice up your trampoline fun– LED Trampoline lights that change with every jump! These brilliant and long-lasting LED lights will effectively light up a standard 15-foot trampoline, so you can keep jumping into the night.

No need to go indoors when it gets dark outside – let Trampoline Rim LED Light be your guide in the darkness! Multi-colored LEDs are strategically placed on the frame to create stunning multi-colored effects as you jump around. And because these bulbs are ultra-efficient LED bulbs you don’t have to worry about charging or carrying extra wires around. The best part is that the Trampoline Rim LED Light doesn’t require any complicated installation. It’s so easy that even the simplest of DIYers can do it with no additional tools required! The lights attach with a specially designed breakaway clip to avoid tripping hazards. It is also durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

So go ahead and add some color to your trampoline – our LED Trampoline lights will make sure everyone has a blast as they jump around all night long!

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16 Colors RGB 10M/12M/15M LED Trampoline Lights, Remote Control Trampoline Rim LED Light
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